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Auko-Tex Group. is aware of its economics, social, and environmental responsibilities from a global perspective, it conducts its projects and best practices in line with the “People First” approach. Since its inception in 2002, we have been respectful to human rights, environmentally conscious, and committed to workers’ and employees’ rights and safety.

ATG has been involved with several projects that address the issues of the environment, society, ethics, and global goals. It strongly believes that businesses must run with the corporate sustainable approach not just meeting Company and national requirements but even global perspectives. Its sustainable philosophy is long-term and matches its steps to social and environmental programs. It believes that people living in any place deserve the right to be returned in every environmental and social issue while the business of a Company flourishes with more competitiveness. We are aware of the air emissions to the environment and put our sincerest efforts into maintaining water footprint so that the environment is not contaminated; what we sincerely believe is, we have to put all our efforts into giving back to the world as it gives to us.

For the safety and security of the employees, all-out efforts have been taken. All the buildings are connected along with the rooftops to have easy evacuation at the time of any unexpected crisis. We have taken all positive steps for the health and education of the children of our workers and staff. Efforts & and focus have been given on training, especially for their health and production-related issues working with the HER+ project for female workers and HIS Project for male workers. Training on nutrition and child care has also been provided, and 24-hour hospital and ambulance are available for the workers, staff, and employees along with free medical support from affiliated hospitals nearby. We are whole-heartedly committed to continuing to perform our social, environmental, ethical, and global responsibilities and working to spread business principles and UN Global Goals among the community.

Engr. Abdus Sobhan

Managing Director
Auko-Tex Group

Sustainability Roadmap


  • FWD-ENV Programme in collaboration with Bestseller
  • We have embarked on an initiative for Green Building project aimed at obtaining LEED certification.
  • Employees Fair Price Shop.
  • We will be implementing rainwater harvesting initiatives to bolster our water conservation endeavors.
  • Boiler rear side Insulation for reducing Gas consumption.
  • Engaged with IFC PaCT-02 Program to save energy and reduce carbon emission.


  • Renewable energy project (Solar)
  • G Trap Installation in the Steam Irons. It reduces GHG 59-ton CO₂ and saves NG consumption 30550 m³ yearly.
  • Upgrading our air conditioning system from a non-inverter to an inverter will enhance energy efficiency, decrease electricity usage, and promote eco-friendly operations


  • Implement Renewable Energy generation to 10% (180KW).
  • Establishing a privately owned fire station with all modern facilities and manpower nearby the factory.
  • Upgrade from Chemical ETP to BIOLOGICAL ETP


  • Heat Recovery from Exhaust Gas Boiler/Generator.
  • Affordable housing project for workers and staff
  • Expansion of Health Care.

Sustainability Diagram



A new movement reconciling Corporate Sustainability is gaining world-wide attention. It is built on the integration of three alternate approaches to viewing sustainability – economic, human and ecological. Based on vision, commitment, leadership and comprehensive system, Corporate Sustainability has become invaluable for exploring ways to reduce costs, manage risks, create new products, and drive fundamental internal changes. With the same philosophy, Auko-Tex Group has been firmly sustaining over the last 20 years.

  • Its CS Department tries to extract findings from Company’s operations and other ideal practices at home & abroad and advocates required measures.
  • CS Department also keeps sharp observations on our A. Backward Linkage setup from knitting to finishing B. Forward Linkage from idea conception, R&D, Fashion Design to Sample Preparation and C. Supporting Departments from HR, Training, Admin, Accounts, IT, Cost-Control to Marketing & Merchandising.
  • Moreover, CS Department is involved in Research on national and international perspectives, constant surveys on raw materials, latest machines/technologies & concept of latest corporate management and advocates proper measures in terms of all three pillars. Thus ATG moves on with continuous improvement programs.


We maintain a mini Hospital with a pharmacy having more than 140 types of medicines including lifesaving drugs. The medicines are given to the patients free of cost on prescription from physician (male & female) of the Medical Center. The Mini Hospital is having 2 Wards for patients- one for male and other for female. Our Medical support is available round the clock with presence of registered doctors, nurses along with pharmacy. Among all, 2 facilities are:

Nutritious food for pregnant women daily basis.

24 hours ambulance facility.


Nursing is the work of heart, we have chosen a number of the nurses and maids along with doctors who go always some extra miles. A suitably decorated Motherly Child Care Center is maintained under the guidance & supervision of experienced male & female physicians. Some of the facilities in the Child Care are:

Children under six years are taken care.

Toys & rides, sleeping facilities and alphabetic education.

Nutritious food and medical care are given to the children and

Breast feeding facilities for mothers


  • Yearly Profit Sharing with the Workers.
  • Contributory Provident Fund for the Staffs and Officers
  • Attendance Bonus and Ration for Workers.
  • Paying stipend to the talented Sons/Daughters of the Employees.
  • Transport facilities for Workers, Staff and Officers.
  • Distribution of Blankets among Workers and Staffs during winter seasons.
  • Sanitary Napkins are provided to the Female Workers.
  • Birthday Greetings with Token Gifts for all Employees.
  • Special Gifts for All Employees in addition to Religious Festival Bonus.
  • Dormitory Facilities for Staffs.
  • Medicine among Workers, Staff and Officials.
  • Provision of Health Insurance for All beyond Law.


  • Uses of Solar Energy for Green Environment.
  • Energy Saving through Energy Saving Bulbs.
  • Reducing Energy through PaCT Programs.
  • Tree Plantation / Forestry Program.
  • Uses of Transparent Tin Sheets.


  • Establishing Educational Institution.
  • Education for Underprivileged Women to Empower them.
  • Providing Free Computer Training.
  • Housing Projects for the Marginalized People.
  • Arrangement of Land for Orphanage.
  • Donating to the Poor to Build Houses..
  • Allowance in Cash and Kinds for Aged-Poor People and Widows.
  • Distribution of Blankets to the Affected People.
  • Supplying Pure Drinking Water and Arranging Sanitary Toilets.
  • Allowing Financial Aids during Disaster/ Natural Calamities.
  • Giving Financial Aid to Attend the Holy Pilgrimage.
  • Releasing Fries in Ponds and Lakes.
  • Medical Center for Rural People.
  • ATG Community Health Clinic.
  • Provision of Hospitalization and Minor Operation in Factory Medical Center.
  • Provision of Free Medical Pathology & Laboratory Tests in Factory Premises.
  • Facilities of Ultra-Sonogram, ECG, Immunological and Biological Investigation.
  • Quarterly Health Check up for Workers, Staffs and Officials Working in Chemical Store & Dyeing Section.
  • Provision of One Additional Health Insurance for All Employees.


Sustainability Pillars

— We focus on three sustainability areas to support our business strategy


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Mini Medicare and Child care

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