We're Based On


Yearly Profit Sharing with the Workers.

Contributory Provident Fund for the Staffs and Officers

Attendance Bonus and Ration for Workers.

Paying stipend to the talented Sons/Daughters of the Employees.

Transport facilities for Workers, Staff and Officers.

Distribution of Blankets among Workers and Staffs during winter seasons.

Sanitary Napkins are provided to the Female Workers..

Birthday Greetings with Token Gifts for all Employees.

Special Gifts for All Employees in addition to Religious Festival Bonus

Dormitory Facilities for Staffs..

Medicine among Workers, Staff and Officials.

Provision of Health Insurance for All beyond Law.

We're Based On


  • Uses of Solar Energy for Green Environment.
  • Energy Saving through Energy Saving Bulbs.
  • Reducing Energy through PaCT Programs.
  • Tree Plantation / Forestry Program.
  • Uses of Transparent Tin Sheets.
  • Establishing Educational Institution.
  • Education for Underprivileged Women to Empower them.
  • Providing Free Computer Training.
  • Housing Projects for the Marginalized People.
  • Arrangement of Land for Orphanage.
  • Donating to the Poor to Build Houses.
  • Allowance in Cash and Kinds for Aged-Poor People and Widows.
  • Distribution of Blankets to the Affected People.
  • Supplying Pure Drinking Water and Arranging Sanitary Toilets.
  • Allowing Financial Aids during Disaster/ Natural Calamities.
  • Giving Financial Aid to Attend the Holy Pilgrimage.
  • Releasing Fries in Ponds and Lakes.
  • Medical Center for Rural People.
  • ATG Community Health Clinic.
  • Provision of Hospitalization and Minor Operation in Factory Medical Center.
  • Provision of Free Medical Pathology & Laboratory Tests in Factory Premises.
  • Facilities of Ultra-Sonogram, ECG, Immunological and Biological Investigation.
  • Quarterly Health Check up for Workers, Staffs and Officials Working in Chemical Store & Dyeing Section.
  • Provision of One Additional Health Insurance for All Employees.
We're Based On