A new movement reconciling Corporate Sustainability is gaining world-wide attention. It is built on the integration of three alternate approaches to viewing sustainability – economic, human and ecological. Based on vision, commitment, leadership and comprehensive system, Corporate Sustainability has become invaluable for exploring ways to reduce costs, manage risks, create new products, and drive fundamental internal changes. With the same philosophy, Auko-Tex Group has been firmly sustaining over the last 20 years.

Its CS Department tries to extract findings from Company’s operations and other ideal practices at home & abroad and advocates required measures.

CS Department also keeps sharp observations on our A. Backward Linkage setup from knitting to finishing B. Forward Linkage from idea conception, R&D, Fashion Design to Sample Preparation and C. Supporting Departments from HR, Training, Admin, Accounts, IT, Cost-Control to Marketing & Merchandising.

Moreover, CS Department is involved in Research on national and international perspectives, constant surveys on raw materials, latest machines/technologies & concept of latest corporate management and advocates proper measures in terms of all three pillars. Thus ATG moves on with continuous improvement programs.