Wrap Yourself in Comfort, Stitched

Auko-Tex Group’s Knitting Department is the beating heart of our textile production, where raw yarn is transformed into exquisite fabrics that grace garments around the world. Driven by unwavering commitment to quality, cutting-edge technology, and innovative practices, we bring your fabric visions to life. In our Knitting produces 24500 kg of fabrics per day.


Every Thread Tells a Story

Beyond Yarn and Machines:

Our success goes beyond machinery. It’s the dedication of our skilled workforce who breathe life into each fabric. Expert knitters, technicians, and quality control specialists meticulously oversee every step of the process, ensuring flawless production and unparalleled consistency.

Innovation at the Core:

We believe in pushing the boundaries of the knitting world. Our dedicated research and development team constantly explores new technologies and sustainable practices, like:
• Digital knitting technology: For precise patterns and intricate details.
• Recycled yarn options: Minimizing environmental impact while maintaining quality.
• Energy-efficient production processes: Reducing our carbon footprint and operating responsibly

We have the following Machines:

0ur advanced & environment-friendly Circular and Flat knit machines are the keys to producing cost-effective fabrics like varieties of Single Jersey with Cotton/ CVC/ PC/ Injected/ Siro/ Tri-blended/ Nappy/ 100% Polyester/ Viscose/ Modal Yarn and varieties of Pique, Lacoste, French Terry, Loop-back Fleece, Various types of Rib: 1×1, 2×1, Variegated, Waffle, Mash, Dropped Needle, Spandex, Plain & Separation Interlock, Plaited, Double face, Yarn Dyed, Fancy Design Fabrics and different types of Collar Cuff, Neck & Bottom, etc. we have the following machines:

Types of Machine Brand





26” – 42” Circular Shie Dim Taiwan 38 350 kg/day

13300 kg

30” – 36” Circular

Pai -Lung

Taiwan 08 350 kg/day

2800 kg

19” – 36” Circular


Taiwan 28

300 kg/day

8400 kg

40” width Flat Knit Matsuya Japan 03 600 pcs/day

1800 pcs

Semi Jacquard Flat Knit




1000 pcs/day

12000 pcs

Fabric Turning Machine

Penglong China


8000 kg/day

8000 kg