Cutting Department

With sophisticated technical support from advanced machines, auto spreaders and powerful production equipment controlled by high value added software and well supports by experienced technical persons with their caring hands, Auko-Tex Group ensures optimum functioning of Cutting Section with exact quality.

It adapts easily to different production requirements, from large orders to small, ultimately making significant savings in terms of production time and material consumption. Our cutting capacity is 90,000 pieces of garments per day.

Types of Machine Brand Model Origin Qty. Capacity
Auto-Fabric Spreader Gerber XLS-50 USA 04 40500 Pcs
Auto-Fabric Spreader T.S.M NA-R600FN Taiwan 01 10000 Pcs
Plotter Otech H-195-4 China 01 20 Pcs  Marker
Plotter Bok Bok-Jet-2-190F Hong Kong 02 20 Pcs  Marker
Auto Cutter Gerber GT-7250 USA 01 40000 Pcs
Pattern Cutter Bok Bok-1509F Hong Kong 01 20 Set
Manual Cutter KM KS-AU V Japan 16 pcs 34500 Pcs