With styles or ideas of Buyers, Fashion Designers or R&D Experts, a Physical Product is Born here. Highly skilled people equipped with CAD-CAM relentlessly work to produce competitive products. Before the final development of a perfect style, we take privilege to challenge in creation and believe in trial and error though there is no correct answer for styles.

Size Set Sample

After the fit sample has been approved, the base pattern for each size need to be graded, so samples could be created for the entire size range. Size set sampling includes three samples of each size which are made with the fabric and finishings intended for the final product. After this is complete, mass production can start once the brand gives their approval to the factories.

Pre-Production Sample

A pre-production sample is the first sample made in the actual production line of the factory. It’s constructed with the actual fabrics intended for the design and trims with all the order specification regarding measurements, embroidery, and washes. It’s a test run by the factory and they can proceed with the bulk production only when the PP sample is approved by the brand.

TOP (Top of production) sample

After the approval of the PP sample, which signals the start of production, the Quality Control inspector representing a brand can visit the factory at any time and pick a garment from the production line for inspection. These samples are called “Top of production or TOP samples” and they are evaluated to ensure that the bulk production is of the same quality as the PP sample. TOP samples are also checked for their packaging.

Shipment sample

Once the bulk production is done and the shipment is finished, packed, and ready to go, a few samples are kept aside by the factory as shipment samples. These serve as to test the final product that will reach the brand; right from the folding to the packaging. Many brands will only approve shipping if the samples pass this test.