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Equipped with methodological management systems, a huge investment over the years, a talented team under guidance of visionary top management and sustainable approach, Auko-Tex Group has been challenging the conventional management approach of knit composites industry since 2002 and expanding its multi-facets with a large variation of fabric and products. Auko-Tex Group now bloomed up with four sister concerns is in Gazipur, some 27.5 k.m. away from Dhaka with its Head Office in Dhaka. Underpinned by professional Lab, Design & Fashion, R & D, Product Developed departments, Auko-Tex Group boasts of having a fully integrated vertical production system from knitting to dyeing, fabric finishing, cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, washing, garments finishing and finally shipment in time to meet growing demand from our discerning customers. We are in this ceaseless up-gradation program of new technologies, advanced software and verticality. The theme of collective responsibilities in a team work as practiced in the Group is highly valued- no production fault is considered individually; everybody involved with it directly or indirectly is accountable and supposed to solve it.


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Some words about us

Philosophy to invest in things

Our philosophy is to invest in people, modern equipment, technologies and environment. Guided by ethics and principles to its employees, suppliers and buyers, Auko-Tex Group believes in continuous efforts in learning the needs of its each business counterpart. Right from fabric development to product creation and smooth execution of orders- all are highly considered. Hard work and utmost commitment from Management and employees, strict quality control measures at all stages, timely shipments and reliable services have been paramount aspects towards our sustainable growth. In last 21 years, ATG exported over $ 500 million with a total 4500 working forces.

Some words about us

Each Person Matters

Auko-Tex Management offers employees exceptional social and ethical working conditions. It ensures that the people, who make our products, work in a safe environment and are treated with dignity and respect. Management respects and values every individual irrespective of ages, ranks and departments and listens to one with importance and cares. With intuition about present and future, primarily Auko-Tex Group, has taken a big challenge working for long-term benefits investing huge budgets on compliance issues. At present, the Group has been working comprehensively with 21 projects and 37 Company practices relating to social and environmental responsibilities. The Group was honored with various awards like A. International Quality Control Award on Gold Category in 2014 in London B. Environmentally Knit Composite Factory Award for 2012 organized by IFC, UK Aid, NORAD and BGMEA C. Oeko-Tex 100 Certificates, Dyeing & Printing. WRAP Certificate E. United Nation Global Compact, IFC Certificate F. Social Environmental Excellence Award (2012 & 2014) G. Craghoppers Award H. Contributory membership to Water Footprint Network and Organic Trade Association.