Printing Department

On two big floors, our huge Printing Department with computerized Octopus, manual and sublimation printing machines has uplifted our image very high. On garments, different types of printings with multi-effects get live here.

We strictly maintain Oeko-Tex 100 standard in our printing department. With the passionate and skillful hands, we can print 75,000 sets per day.

Types of Machines Brand Origin Qty Capacity
16 Color 18 Pallet Octopus Sulfet Turkey 01 set 4000 pcs
8 Color 12 Pallet Octopus Sulfet Turkey 01 Set 4000 pcs
8 Color 12 Pallet Octopus Pannon Spain 02 Set 8000 pcs
Machine Flash Cure Pannon+Sulfet Spain +Turkey 13 Set N/A
Belt Curing Machine Ansal Taiwan 02 Set 20000 pcs
Belt Curing Machine Pannon Spain 02 Set 10000 pcs
Belt Curing Machine Sulfet Turkey 02 Set 10000 pcs
Pneumatic Screen Stretching Device Sulfet Turkey 02 Set 200 pcs
Tension Meter Tekkmet Swiss 02 Set N/A
Self Contained Film Exposure Sulfet Turkey 02 Set 400 pcs
Heat Press  Machine Metalnon Brazil 06 Set 10000 pcs
Laboratory Washing Siemens Turkey 01 Set 200 pcs
Manual M/C Print Pannon Spain 03 Set 18000 pcs
Flock Machine Brazilee Germany 2 Set 2000 pcs
Squeegee Grinding Sulfet Turkey 01 Set N/A
Glass Table (90Ftx6Ft) Jupiter China 14 set 42000 pcs
Sublimation Print Mimaki Japan 02 Set 4000 pcs
Heat Press Machine Labous Bangladesh 03 Set N/A
Image-Setter (CTS) M&R USA 01 Set N/A
Coat Machine M&R USA 01 Set N/A
Screen Wash M&R USA 01 Set N/A
You XL (P12 & P14) Roq Print Portugal 02 Set 2000 pcs